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The purpose of The Party Wall Act is to protect both the person intending to carry out building works (The Building Owner) and their neighbour who may be affected by the works (The Adjoining Owner) from disputes which may arise during the course of the building works. This is done by way of a Party Wall Award to document the details of the Building Owner’s proposals that have a direct or consequential affect upon the Adjoining Owner’s land or property and to record the conditions and requirements under which the Building Owner must execute those works.

Under The Party Wall Act you have a statutory obligation to serve one month's notice on your neighbour if you intend to carry out one or more of the following operations:

  1. Building Works on the boundary;

  2. Building Works within 3m of your building (including garages and outbuildings) if their foundations will be below the depth of your foundations;

  3. Building works within 6m of your building if the depth of their foundations or basement structure will be below a line taken at 45 degrees from the bottom of your foundations.

If you intend to carry out works affecting the Party Wall of a semi-detached or terraced property, eg removing chimney breasts, supporting new structural beams on the party wall, then you must give you two month's notice under the Act.  Failure to comply with The Party Wall Act could result in your neighbour seeking an injunction to stop the works until such time as you have complied.

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If your neighbour is intending to carry out any of the above building works then they have a statutory obligation to serve you with a notice.  You have the right to have a Party Wall Surveyor appointed on your behalf at the expense of the Building Owner.

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